Amazing photos . I live in the GNV area and am amazed at the variety of species you have been able to photograph . Truly inspiring photo work.
You just keep getting better and better and I feel very sad not to be sharing these adventures with you anymore. I already am looking forward to a visit. I can see what you love and love to see it.
Your photographs are beautiful. They show me things that I have seen in the Everglades and remember fondly. Thank you for making these images available to all of us.
Fantastic! I love all of your photos! Thanks for posting them. Viewing them always lifts my spirits and inspires me to try harder with my own nature photography.
Edward Doty(non-registered)
Love your photography and the LSNWR, which we visited for the first time several weeks ago.
These are fantastic! I love the scenics with so much sky! Really beautiful and makes me want to travel to these same places! Good to be reminded that the Florida wildlife is still out there!
Your Glacier photos are outstanding! How wonderful. I love the Marmot! Stunning colors and vistas. Beautiful work!
Diane Raum(non-registered)
What a fun and colorful site! Thank you for sharing.
I saw your work at Harmon's---so refreshing. Do you sell copies of the poster on display there?
Bob Moul(non-registered)
Fantastic collection of beautiful photos, Barbara. Enjoyed every moment browsing your site.
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